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The more I bake and create, the more I am drawn to the small details, the little things that make the difference between an average cake and a great cake. When I receive an enquiry I look for the extra touches to make it ‘unique and personal’.

I strive, wherever possible to use only natural, edible supports in my hand made decorations. I want everyone to be able to eat ALL of the cake (should they wish to) without worrying about the safety of the added decorations. It’s about added value.

Sue is a member of the British Sugarcraft Guild and holds a PME Masters Certificate in Sugarcraft. In addition to this Sue continues to attend many training courses to keep her skills and styles current for today’s customers.

Serving Sizes

Rich fruit cakes are traditionally cut into pieces measuring 1 inch x 1 inch, whilst sponge cake portions are usually larger, about 2 inches x 1inch. This means a sponge cake cuts into fewer portions than the same sized fruit cake.

Shapes such as hearts, ovals and hexagons will give approximately the same number of portions as a round cake of the same size. Bear in mind that square cakes are easier to cut into rows of neat and tidy portions than round cakes!

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The cake exceeded my expectations, absolutely amazing. Such a talented lady who can make it look so fantastic and taste amazing too
- Clare Stones

I cannot recommend Mrs Mc's cakes highly enough. Perfect for making that special day even more special
- Bethany Corbett

Absolutely, amazing, perfect birthday cake for my sons!! Not only does it look good but tastes just as good too! Highly recommended, thank you x - Joanne Deveney